RACE WEEK Day 7: Can Ruby and Leroy WIN RACE WEEK!?! Making Their Final Runs Together!!

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Well boys, Ruby, Leroy and the GT500 made it 1300 miles to 4 different tracks and now they're back in Denver! Let's see if they can finish off the week with one last rip for some first place trophies!
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Cleetus McFarland
12961 44th St N. Ste B
Clearwater, FL 33762
United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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Cleetus2 Channel - goo.gl/Ph2wyo
Holley's channel - noburn.info/post/eQfJXzg0gnfuM4tgmagCCw.html
**Social Media:
Instagram - goo.gl/LZvy5e
Facebook - goo.gl/gdwhh1
**SEND ME FAN MAIL... (bald eagles welcome)
Cleetus McFarland
12961 44th St N. Ste B
Clearwater, FL 33762
United States of America
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Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland - Måned siden
This video took FOREVER to process. Not sure if there's issues at Youtube today but I had to reupload this just to get it to process. Hopefully 1080 will be available quickly!
Bush Truck
Bush Truck - 2 dager siden
Just started my channel where I take trucks to the mountains and break em in. I just wanna make some folks laugh.
Tony Mdrno
Tony Mdrno - 22 dager siden
Came back to watch yet again brother this is one of the best
Tyrel Hottell
Tyrel Hottell - 26 dager siden
BAM!! Y’all got er done!!!
themetal - Måned siden
Want to support the effort any way I can. Did the 2 PPVs. You guys deserve it. Hell Yeah on the Twin Wins. Will there be "Twin-Wins" Rocky Mountain Race Week "One 'n Done" shirts? Going to need a FF est. 2020 shirt too.
chuck diaz
chuck diaz - Måned siden
David Bouillon
David Bouillon - 2 dager siden
Know someone who can make you famous Contact me
David Bouillon
David Bouillon - 2 dager siden
Love you guys! Out of STL
RonRon Burgundy
RonRon Burgundy - 5 dager siden
How amazing for them to win together! Hats off to the whole team . Y'all are all badass
The True Spartan
The True Spartan - 8 dager siden
What was Leroy before it was a drag car?
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 7 dager siden
It was a C5 Corvette.
COSIMO _TV - 12 dager siden
highest in the room travis scott
david broström
david broström - 12 dager siden
Nathan Bass
Nathan Bass - 14 dager siden
Congratulations guys it's been a real long time coming, lots of hard work and ups and downs but in the end y'all did it for dale and ed great job
Adrian Valdez
Adrian Valdez - 16 dager siden
This man lives my dream I hope I can have this much car fun one day ☹️
Adria n
Adria n - 10 dager siden
waszzzzz - 20 dager siden
Honestly, my favorite part is the "Love you brother" part out of this entire week.... !
Josh Gardner
Josh Gardner - 20 dager siden
I'm still waiting for the raft challenge video.
Adam - 20 dager siden
Cooper is great
Lonnie Pitcock
Lonnie Pitcock - 21 dag siden
hell yeah dudes!!!! nice driving!
DrHavok1 - 21 dag siden
Haha you guys always get me choked up at the end of Rocky mountain race week
chris osborne
chris osborne - 21 dag siden
chris osborne
chris osborne - 21 dag siden
Ruby is getting strong enough to take out big brother....... Potentially. I hope you appreciate the vid cause I thought quite relatable.
Leroy Koonce
Leroy Koonce - 22 dager siden
I love your cars bro keep it up
Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones - 23 dager siden
I know I am a bit late to the party, but I was all smiles when yall won. Well done!
Jay McElwain
Jay McElwain - 23 dager siden
Band of Brothers !!
Jay McElwain
Jay McElwain - 23 dager siden
509srt - 24 dager siden
is cleetus's hand brake sort of on during a pass at 15:21 its in the video and at 15:30 when he brakes and momentum swings weight forward the hand brake goes forward, when cleetus goes around to grab the hand brake again he pulls it in about the same position it had been during the pass 🤔
Adria n
Adria n - 10 dager siden
Its just play in the handbrake
Famous 4a Minute
Famous 4a Minute - 25 dager siden
man... why didnt i grow up with friends like Garret, James, and Coop? These guys are all about having a good time, ACTUALLY doing stuff. Not just getting drunk and partying. All my friends and kids i grew up with are hooked/got hooked on drugs, or are gone... Was always kind of on my own to discover new things and try new hobbies. But man, it would have been fun to have some like minded friends to go along with.
Nathan Ashe
Nathan Ashe - 26 dager siden
wammo1997 - 26 dager siden
thats an unusual picture... the abonimation from hell, leroy himself, chasing a 10 second drag car with a roofrack across the country
1974mazdarx3sedan - 26 dager siden
success on the track, plus this whole race week series is some top quality content. so well done. 100% legit.
apex Timelines
apex Timelines - 27 dager siden
#FloridaMan + #SeaMonkeys + #TrippSucks + #LittleLori + #LisaAnn + DuckDynasty + Gay Bois + Autistic FFudge Packtory + Thomas Spears JR & Thomas Spears the 3rd + Tripp’s Mom + Shawn(aka James),David(aka Coop) + MikeSarah&Shane Neighborhood Kids @ 124 Citrus Tree Ln Longwood, FL + Phill Robertson + Willie Robertson + Jase Robertson + Mrs Kay Robertson + Leroy Rodriguez + Adeline Rodriguez + Joesph Popovich + Dewey Miller + Kathy Miller + Jerry Miller Stauch + Tommy Foreman + Virgina Miller + Buckwheat + Chase Stuart + Steve Munns + Marylin Rovick + John Rovick + JamesWZielke + Andy Sless + Eric Lucia + Jason Kane + Matt Miller + Jacob Munns + Collin Munns + Ryan Munns + Sean Neal + John Freeman + Allen Bernstein + Bob Fast + Chris Hall + Amy Jo Miller + Charles Francis + Glenn Riggs + Vaughn Cornell + Ranier Munns + April Castle Munns + Vanessa Munns + Billy Giles + David Solomon + Mike Solomon + John Bailey + 1320 Northridge Drive Longwood, FL + #CancerSucks + #Deuces ✌️ = HELL YEAH BROTHER!
Clayton Lanphere
Clayton Lanphere - 27 dager siden
what song is that playing while they drive through the mountains??
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 26 dager siden
George's Town - Come Tomorrow
Rebeldryver's Garage
Rebeldryver's Garage - 27 dager siden
I had the same problem with the throwout bearing in my 67 GMC on those mountain roads. It got stupid hot with all the starting and stopping in the mountains. It started screeching upon release. It what I get for using a $25 throwout bearing on a $1200 clutch. Live and learn. Congrats on your wins!!
URIEL MERAS - 28 dager siden
Always a class act man! Very down to earth and humble fellas! God Bless
themetal - 28 dager siden
How many others have watched this multiple times? Just so great to watch it all come together for Team Cleetus.
MrHazeMyth - 28 dager siden
Damn, wish I knew you'd be about 2 minutes away from my house so I could watch the cars all drive by.
Eman ASMR - 28 dager siden
3rd time rewatching
D B - 28 dager siden
Yewwwwl!! Let’s go!! Double up He’ll yeah!!
Adam Fields
Adam Fields - 29 dager siden
That would be morrison co. My home town is golden. Love this video the most I helped build that track. The kids owners with the s10s are awesome!!!
Mark Moler
Mark Moler - 29 dager siden
Just watching this I felt what y’all felt
Big Dog
Big Dog - 29 dager siden
Getting his finger shut in the door just busted me up right off the bat...
el mago
el mago - 29 dager siden
Cleeter was so mad james got him lol
Joe Merrel
Joe Merrel - Måned siden
@Cleetus McFarland
You my dude are a drivin macheeen I pray to drive as good as you one day, its literally on my bucket list to make sure I can come out to the Freedom Factory and "maybe" take a ride in neighbor with you and get some drifting tips 🙏🙏💪
akc121783 - Måned siden
GOTG is the bomb. drove up there today.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - Måned siden
Everyone who dislikes his videos are people Cleetus has beaten lol
TJPDmember - Måned siden
The valve cover Cletus is holding literally have the french flag on it xD
Blue-White-Red espetially in this order are not the colors of the united states...
Timothy Sault
Timothy Sault - Måned siden
Last video! Bro this series has been so awesome! Nail biting moments and road trip antics! Such an amazing channel. Thanks for the ride!
GMB Bjayy
GMB Bjayy - Måned siden
damn near started crying watching this video
System Pwned
System Pwned - Måned siden
Side by side win love and respect 💚🙏💚🙏💚love this channel never stop oosting everyome workd so hard well earned
Dustin Clouser
Dustin Clouser - Måned siden
I swear i have watched ruby vs leroy about 5 times now. Can you imaging the time ruby could run if she had twin turbskies
Aaron Shensky
Aaron Shensky - Måned siden
Did james win the final race or cleetus? Does it go by speed or first one to cross the finish line?
Adria n
Adria n - 10 dager siden
Cleetus was in the stick shift class whilst James was in the 8.5 bracket class. They just got the chance to race side by side
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - Måned siden
If you're going by Rocky Mountain Race Week rules, if they where in the same class, then Cleetus would of won. As all that matters is elapsed time. However, if you're going by typical head up drag racing rules, the James would of won, as he crossed the finish line first. (Better reaction time and 60 foot)
Gary S
Gary S - Måned siden
HELL YEA BROTHERS!!!! Yall deserve that shit.
Aaron Holcomb
Aaron Holcomb - Måned siden
The excitement and happiness of everyone makes it all worth it! It’s been such an amazing journey in the last 2+ years and there’s so much more to come!
pontiac411 - Måned siden
Ruby put Leroy on the trailer... Or should we say James put Garret on the trailer? :)
arkhsm ford
arkhsm ford - Måned siden
hi. O_O i am this acount users daughter and i am here do greet every one here a happy 2020 (even tho its been the worst year of my life._.
Sean O'reilly
Sean O'reilly - Måned siden
That finger getting trapped will make a fail clip
Husky_Gamer - Måned siden
Lmao cant believe he shut the door on his index finger lmaooo didnt even flinch I did and I watched it
nopistn - Måned siden
Yall did awesome!
Tre Webster
Tre Webster - Måned siden
Now y'all need to build coop a car so he can compete too
Caynn Fittler
Caynn Fittler - Måned siden
Hey cleeta maybe u should make a roof for Leroy that u can take on and off with hood pins 😜 I ideas!
Coffeys Carberators
Coffeys Carberators - Måned siden
I was like ruby better not beat leroy. Hes still #1.
Eric Sorg
Eric Sorg - Måned siden
Awesome!, great coverage, camera work and two wins.....Congrats!
DroneWolf Media
DroneWolf Media - Måned siden
So proud of you all! Way to go Team Cleetus! 💪
Aaron Green
Aaron Green - Måned siden
U didn’t film the white water rafting
Brad Young
Brad Young - Måned siden
Leroy was coming hard on the topend fr
Dante Ortiz
Dante Ortiz - Måned siden