Riding In Mike Finnegan's 11.7 Liter Twin Turbo BIG BLOCK Jet Boat!!! (Nearly 2,000 Horsepower)

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Shout out to Mike Finnegan for taking us out on the lake! Stay tuned for Hovercraft Shenanigans
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Trae Williams
Trae Williams - 55 minutter siden
I’ll kill myself in one of those
tune up
tune up - Time siden
Cade Wilkins
Cade Wilkins - 2 timer siden
My two favorite you tubers in one video, this is gonna be good
tominator - 4 timer siden
One sick ass boat!!
ted evans
ted evans - 5 timer siden
I used to work on boats at Eliminator boats in So. Calif. and had a co worker named Mike Peterson , I wonder if he started his own boat company ? Mike was the best builder we had there , everything had to be perfect and I never had to fix any come backs from him unlike the crazy mickey moused stuff I fixed from the inexperienced guys they hired to put them together . They were paid by the boat so they threw them together as fast as possible , but they all came back accept for Mike Peterson's . I dont think these guys truly know the danger of crashing on water , it is brutal . That weight of that hull is scary light !
Tzorb - 6 timer siden
Terry Pendergrass
Terry Pendergrass - 7 timer siden
12:10 That look on your face is priceless! LOL
alida flus
alida flus - 3 timer siden
He’s trying to drive it like a car. You have to just keep the steering wheel straight and pray
Kerros973 - 8 timer siden
OMG 😱 that’s so crazy 😝 the boat is a monster 👏👍
Calthecool - 9 timer siden
I was afraid his mullet was going to be sucked into one of the turbos.
Calthecool - 9 timer siden
Last time I watched anything with Finnegan in it, you could still watch new episodes of roadkill for free.
Rick and Robs Garage
Rick and Robs Garage - 11 timer siden
We have three c8's check out our crazy wraps!
Eric Skinner
Eric Skinner - 12 timer siden
The "Save me now button" Lol
LRL Official
LRL Official - 13 timer siden
👍Awesome!👍 Love me some _Game Over!_ Totally makes me miss my old Sanger❤️Jet boat. Not too bad Clet for your first go at it, but you got a lil bit of work to do...not like a car! 🚤🚤🚤
23bobjr - 14 timer siden
Just the engine as stock with zero modifications is over 100,000 USD
Insanity Diecast Customs
Insanity Diecast Customs - 15 timer siden
Great show, but be careful man!
kiiiburn - 16 timer siden
Funny, I asked a friend (maritime expert) if there were any water-based speed limits, he said only when posted (in certain areas where there's heavy traffic). This applies to ocean/saltwater....unsure on the lake!
lexusrcf lover
lexusrcf lover - 17 timer siden
Oh look a boat version of Cleetuses Corvette..this thing is ridiculous lol amazing
muttratti1 - 17 timer siden
Skip to 9:45 for the first pull
Clampgodbilly - 18 timer siden
Cleetus turning the boat wheel like it has wheel spin🤣🤡
Stu Jones
Stu Jones - 19 timer siden
Incredible video well explained about what it takes to overcome keeping a beast in a straight line above the water..
Stu Jones
Stu Jones - 19 timer siden
You guys are insane!!!
That piece of machinery is a work of art my friend..🔥🔥🔥
Gemcor - 20 timer siden
Was waiting for Cleetus's Freedom Glasses to come off and go into the Turbo
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 21 time siden
He’s trying to drive it like a car. You have to just keep the steering wheel straight and pray
『HÇŠ』 Jiren
『HÇŠ』 Jiren - 21 time siden
bro that 4th run they sounded like they were finna break the sound barrier lmao
noremac cystoms
noremac cystoms - 23 timer siden
Can the pop off not be set up to open when throttle is closed..
Im sure there a reason why
Miguel Mullins
Miguel Mullins - Dag siden
Imagine water skiing behind this😂
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 21 time siden
hey umm what about
uncle gramper
uncle gramper - Dag siden
Bro I’ll love for you to do that to my fourwheeler
Brian Blanchard
Brian Blanchard - Dag siden
Both their faces sucked into their craniums
Strangely Familiar
Strangely Familiar - Dag siden
Felt good watching Finnegan step into'er, np at all, but my nerves were on-line a bit when Cleetus was pushin into'er lol. Damn. That thing is fast!
Au Chii
Au Chii - Dag siden
why no test boat on thailand ?
David Fasano
David Fasano - Dag siden
Holy sh**t...nice...
Dencil Dean
Dencil Dean - Dag siden
I am one hundred percent i know onething. every fish 🐟 in that lake shit up themselves
Slade Stockill
Slade Stockill - Dag siden
Cleetus needs some speech therapy and a lip crud scraper.
OnlineCarShow - Dag siden
One of these days Im going to get to run you brother! Do it for Dale!
Alex Smith
Alex Smith - Dag siden
A liter is what cats give birth too - 11.7 litre
Stephen Land
Stephen Land - Dag siden
hey cleetus if you wanna get yourself into a jetboat of your own get with me. im in dallas tx and i have a deal for you!!!
The ScoggFather
The ScoggFather - Dag siden
Clears after first pass: "That was siiiiiiick! Let's go faster!" This dude is the most Texas version of a Florida Man I've ever seen. Keep being you Brother!
Monkey Rench Garage
Monkey Rench Garage - Dag siden
I saw the clip of this on IG at first. My first words “godamn bald eagles. Let freedom sing”
TheAstroneer - Dag siden
he legit reminds me of Will Riker from (star trek)
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - Dag siden
Watching him move that steering wheel like that scares the shit out of me and I'm almost 2 thousand miles away.
Fizzi - Dag siden
How do those only make 8ibs of boost?
J1 - Dag siden
where or how do I get a boat like that?
Lorenzo Lanza
Lorenzo Lanza - Dag siden
Nice to finally see that thing rip ..... absolutely beest Mode
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - Dag siden
Did I hear you right? Your in Georgia? What lake are you on?
Mike Hickman
Mike Hickman - Dag siden
Yup 711 cubes wit twin 88 turbskis on a boat= cletus genuinely scared!
brad little
brad little - Dag siden
F. M. Thats awesome
bruce mullins
bruce mullins - Dag siden
That screams murica🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
-Ryano- Ryan
-Ryano- Ryan - Dag siden
Now I really want a jet boat
-Ryano- Ryan
-Ryano- Ryan - Dag siden
Hell yeah
Blacked Out
Blacked Out - Dag siden
As much as I like Roadkill, this was even better.
420WhiteStoner420 - Dag siden
boats name should be called moses..🙌🏻
Greg Gill
Greg Gill - Dag siden
lot of money for a lot of poppin an carry on
Bear C137
Bear C137 - Dag siden
Woooooo 'Merica!🇺🇲
Muhammad Syahmi
Muhammad Syahmi - Dag siden
Laugh in thailand canoe turbo enjin
OMGWTFLOL - Dag siden
Suicide machine. Too scary for me.
Michael Cardona
Michael Cardona - 2 dager siden
It can still go about three times faster...just needs work
Fries Media
Fries Media - 2 dager siden
so crazy lol
gustavo761 - 2 dager siden
‘This is literally Leeroy but the watercraft version 😂🤘
Busted Classic Garage
Busted Classic Garage - 2 dager siden
This is the best thing I've seen all year!!!!
Ronald Schuppe
Ronald Schuppe - 2 dager siden
Did I hear you right? Your in Georgia? What lake are you on?
Louis-Philippe St-Jean
Louis-Philippe St-Jean - 2 dager siden
Seems like it was starving for water on the last pass
Winning Family
Winning Family - 2 dager siden
Haha u got that life vest at costco guy driving boat